Harold Ramis Film School at Second City   I   NBC Scholarship Recipient

Samira is a Lebanese-American filmmaker who loves to write and direct comedy. She is a graduate of the Harold Ramis Film School at Second City and is the recipient of the new Emerging Voices Scholarship from NBC. Her interests include comedy writing, directing, producing, and casting.


WRITING | She has completed the Writing and Conservatory Programs at Second City, as well as TV & Film writing classes.


IMPROV | She completed the improv programs at Second City, iO, and has taken classes at Annoyance and Comedy Sportz. She currently performs virtual improv on the Comedy Sportz Rec League.


SKETCH | The sketches featured below were created for Get Lit & Spark Joy, which is a sketch revue she worked on with five performers/writers. The show sold out for the complete four week run.


CASTING | First-person me jumping in…why did I cast myself in all the sketches I wrote for Get Lit & Spark Joy?? That’s how it works, you write it, you perform in it, Ahhh! I did cast all of the comedic shorts with other actors and improvisers.


ASSIGNMENTS | The following shorts are assignments completed as part of the Harold Ramis Film School. Most took about a half hour to create the concept and write a script, the next step was to cast and find a location, then direct and DP (while learning how to DP) for about two hours, the actors would perform the script as well as use some improvisation, and lastly edit (while learning how to edit) for 3-4 hours. This was my first time making shorts and these assignments were a fun learning experience!