Samira began her career in marketing and worked at top international ad agencies and a market research firm where she learned how to effectively communicate messages to an audience by working with creative teams. She then fully transitioned to the filmmaking world and has written, directed, produced, and cast over a dozen comedy shorts. She has also held various production positions on other shorts that range from Production Assistant to Second Assistant Director. She would like to continue her journey by becoming a tv comedy writer and director.

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My place as a comedic storyteller is to share my experiences as a first-generation daughter born to Lebanese immigrants. I would like to share my journey of learning how to love and respect my family and our culture, while balancing becoming who I am as an individual. There’s a lot of hummus involved!


My life experience has given me the gift of comedic writing material. My parents are from tiny villages in Lebanon. We primarily lived in a rural subdivision in Missouri during my childhood, and eventually moved back to Michigan to a place nicknamed “Little Lebanon.”


I am female. I am Lebanese. I am American. I am smart. I am naïve. I am strong. I am curious. I am confident. I am anxious. I am loving. I am liberal. I am traditional. This is only the surface of who I am perceived to be, but I am a dynamic human who is still growing and discovering myself. And most importantly, I am hilarious!


Samira learned comedy by taking comedy writing and improv classes around the city of Chicago, including the Harold Ramis Film School at Second City. She sought out various opportunities to be on prominent television and film sets so she could observe large scale productions to get an understanding of how to apply her knowledge. Her most self-proclaimed prestigious role is being a background actor in the Candyman trailer. In my opinion, as her third-person self writing this, she was overly excited and unnecessarily enthusiastic about her kind of blurred background feature film debut. She definitely still wants you to look out for the girl in the green dress in the art gallery!

Samira Alaouie - Resume Film.png